Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to serve candidates well / become a good recruiter in the eyes of candidates?

From the link:

1) Try to respond to every CV/resume that you receive. Even an auto-response is appreciated. Candidates will not want to send their CV to you if there is zero response.

2) Only ask them for an interview when you have a job that is a really good fit. If you are a consultant and ask the candidates for an interview, but if you give them the impression that you have nothing on hand, it will be a total waste of time for them. Usually, candidates do not like consultants who do this.

3) Give more professional advice to them in their resume writing, interview skills, and how they ought to dress. If you show them sincerity, they will appreciate it.

4) Follow up with them if possible, once you receive their CV. Give them a ring or drop them a short note via email; it is a good start in this professional relationship.

5) If you have arranged the interview, and the client does not feel good about it, it is always best to advise them about the situation, even if it is bad news—it is still news. If you were to keep quiet about it, the candidate will feel even worse.

6) Advise them on the actual job duties in as much detail as possible. If you are unsure, please make an effort to find out from the client. If you were to talk “rubbish” and bluff your way through, you will lose this candidate forever and your name will be ruined in the market.

7) Never sell the job for the sake of closing the case. I do really understand that there are always KPI and targets to hit, but things will get even worse if you were to sell the job and then things did not work out well for that candidate and the company. If that were to happen, not only will you not hit the KPI, your manager or your boss will grill you upside down!

8) Be honest, be real, and be what you are. Pretending and acting will not get you too far….

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