Saturday, April 6, 2013

Useful interview questions

From the link:

A – Questions relating to identifying, solving real problems

1. How will you identify problems and opportunities on the job? 
2. Can you identify the likely problems in this process?
3. Solve a real problem that you will face. 

B – Questions that show you are forward looking

4. Forecast the evolution of this job. 
5. Forecast the evolution of this industry.

C – Questions about a candidate’s ability to innovate, adapt, learn

6. Show us how you would be a continuous learning expert.
7. Show us your adaptability when dramatic change is required.
8. Show us how you will innovate. 

D – Help us better understand you

9. List and rank your job acceptance factors. 
10. List and rank your job motivators. 
11. Tell us the most effective approaches for managing you. 
12. List and rank the capabilities that you bring to this job. 

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