Friday, April 12, 2013

More info: What does an Account Manager do?

From the link:
  • Account managers are seen in industries such as fast food to high tech, advertising to banking, and everything in between. More than ever, companies demand account managers that get the job done.
  • An account manager is a liaison between the company and its customers.
  • An account manager is essentially the face of the company. She is a salesperson through and through. She is a big-picture client manager and a consummate people person. She talks, but most importantly, she listens.
  • An account manager’s overall mandate, in broad strokes, is to acquire new business and maintain old business. There’s no real way to get around this point, and to drive it home here it is again.
  • An account manager is a salesperson. You will have to sell
  • The account manager needs to have exposure to a wide variety of fields.
  • Due to the nature of account manager compensation, you can significantly grow your income without significantly changing your role.
  • Knowledge is your fundamental value proposition. It’s what drives sales and strong client relationships. You simply must be a master of your field.
  • Communication, as fundamental as it sounds, is one skill that came up again and again. The account manager’s most fundamental job is to communicate. You will communicate daily with clients, creative, and various managers and stakeholders within your company. Driving and building relationships is the crux of communication. It’s really what this job is all about.
  • Whether you work with outbound leads or, conversely, with established customers, you are building relationships, providing value, and above all, listening. Though you will be talking most of the day, listening is really the most sought after quality of communication.
  • Organization. As the account manager is the bridge between the client and the company, they must be sufficiently organized to handle requests from both sides simultaneously. The account manager is the go-between, but also a person of knowledge. It is a very active position requiring proper organization skills.
  • The business of an account manager is more than just sales. Their business is customer relationship management. Account manager’s are successful if they are good at networking, and building and sustaining relationships. Their business and potential to make money depends on how well they manage in those areas.
  • A typical day for an account manager involves putting together sales proposals for clients, communicating with your team regarding logistics, and handling client complaints, concerns, and feedback. You will manage your sales pipeline, make calls and take meetings. And don’t forget to make the sale. Presentations and pitches are the crux of this job.
  • This is a high intensity, high pressure, important position for any company. It is stressful. But it is also, as spoken to me time and time again, a very rewarding position.

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